[:en]Why to Move Beer to the Front of Your Store[:]

[:en]Product placement…do you understand the most effective places to put various product types around your store?

By the way, where do you have your beer?

Do you put it in the back or side in coolers like many c-stores?

Seems like the logical thing to do. After all, it costs more and seems to generally be an inconvenience for you to put it near the front.

But, what if you put at least some beer near the front in a cooler? Or what if you simply put a few brands on ice?

What difference could that make to your sales?

Well, there’s actually genuine market data which says this is a good idea. And here’s that data:

1. Beer Drives More C-Store Trips

Beer is one of the top reasons consumers come to your c-store. How effective can it be if it’s hiding way in the back behind rows of shelves?

A 2014 study by CSF proved that beer by far is the biggest reason consumers come to c-stores. In a distant second place is carbonated soft drinks.

2. Beer Drives More Purchasing

Infoscout Insights (now Numerator) found that shoppers who planned on purchasing only beer or prepared food actually ended up purchasing both.

Their average purchase increased about 25% in total value when beer singles were their additional purchase.

3. The Faster Shoppers Find Beer, the More They Spend

No joke here. For whatever reason, the faster someone can get their beer at your c-store, the more their total spend will be.

Generally, you want to cut that time to less than 20 seconds.

This is according to joint data from Videomining and PBM Consolidated.

4. Consumers Want Singles

Generally, consumers don’t need a case of 6 to 36 beers. 55% want to get their beers in singles.

Plus, beer singles give you the greatest profit margin, at around 30%.

This data comes from PBM Consolidated, MillerCoors, and Nielsen.

5. Bringing Beer to the Front of Your Store Works

The typical c-store increases their beverage category sales by 14% in 6 months when they install a cooler in the front of their store.

This data comes from the Lapsed, Repeat, New customer data report from leading retail analytics company Numerator (formerly InfoScout).

Will beer drive your sales up? Yes, if you do it in the right way. And now, you know exactly what to do.

So it’s up to you to make this simple change, and watch the sales roll in.[:]