[:en]What Makes Casey’s General Store So Great?[:]

[:en]Convenience Store News recently gave Casey’s General Stores’ CEO Darren Rebelez its 2020 Retailer Executive of the Year Award.

Since June 24, 2019 when Rebelez took over, Casey’s stock price has increased from about $155 to $181, or about a 14% increase. And that even during the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s Casey’s done that’s so amazing? What can you learn from them?

Take a look at a few things that Casey’s does that you might use to improve your own market share:

1. Niche Focus

Every business that succeeds at least begins with a niche. Casey’s niche has been small Midwestern towns.

How small?

60% of Casey’s stores are found in towns with less than 5,000 people. Casey’s might be the only option for freshly made pizza within a 30-45 minute drive for many people.

So, Casey’s has been able to deliver to Midwesterners what previously was only available at a great personal inconvenience.

2. Speaking of Pizza…

C-store pizza doesn’t necessarily have a great reputation. You may have one you like. But, for many Midwesterners, the c-store pizza historically available has been, well, downright awful!

Think of chewing cardboard with some sauce and pepperoni on it. Ick.

But Casey’s? Some people actually think of it as a pizza restaurant. Their pizza is literally that delicious.

Not only does their pizza impress, but they have a variety of freshly made subs, salads, and sweet treats too!

So when other c-stores really fall short on their food, Casey’s shines. So much so, in fact, that they’re the fifth largest pizza chain in the nation!

3. Friendly Service

Every company calls themselves “friendly.” You’ve surely used the services of such companies, but have come away feeling treated like a number.

The Midwest is known for its friendly, welcoming demeanor. So of course, the people will expect the same from the businesses they frequent.

Casey’s aims to be a part of the local community. Employees are imbued with a focus on service and making a positive impact in society.

…And that’s why Casey’s maintains 2,100 stores in mostly small Midwestern towns, making it the fourth-largest c-store chain in the US.

In the coming years, Casey’s aims to use online platforms to improve customer experience and increase cross-promotion of products.

And lookout, they’re beginning to move out of the Midwest and into Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee! [:]