[:en]Top 4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Companies Make[:]

[:en]3 Problems Caused by Mismanaging Your Cleaning SuppliesWhether you have your own in-house cleaning team or you outsource, everyone’s prone to mistakes. They happen even to the best of commercial cleaning teams.

What mistakes could yours make, or maybe have you already made, that need tidying up?

Here’s a few possibilities:

  • Using Hot Water Extraction to Clean Your Carpets

Some commercial cleaning managers still believe this is the best way to clean a carpet. About 2-3% of the time it is, but that’s about it. You can get away with cleaning your carpets using high-volume extractors all the time.

What happens when you use hot water extraction? Your carpet could take longer than 4 hours to dry. This actually leads to the growth of more allergens and other microbes that result in nasty odors.

If your carpet stays wet for more than 24 hours, you risk damaging the carpet.

  • Using Chemicals that Can Damage Your Carpet

You should always test the chemicals you use to clean your carpet first, and especially so if you purchase from a local distributor. They don’t always have the time to test every cleaning chemical on the specific equipment you use, or to check what long-term effects the cleaning chemical has on your carpet.

While this happens more frequently with resource-strapped local distributors, you should also check when purchasing from larger ones.

  • Cleaning Your Carpet Too Often

It’s not always clear how often you should clean your carpet. Should you wait until you can see your carpet is dirty? Do you clean the whole carpet when there’s one stain bugging you? Should you have a weekly carpet cleaning just to keep it in good order all the time?

There’s no straightforward answer to these questions. The frequency of commercial carpet cleaning depends on:

  • How you use your facility and the carpeted services
  • How much foot traffic your carpet gets
  • The type of carpeting

You can clean your carpet too much. That can lead to damage, like frayed material.

  • Not Spot-Cleaning Using the Correct Solution

When you have a stain you need to remove, it’s tempting to think you need to scrub really hard to make it disappear. That may be true.

However, you can scrub too hard and for too long. When that happens, you’re likely not using the correct cleaning agent. This can lead to frayed carpet fibers, which causes even more dirt to be trapped on that spot again in the future.

Commercial carpet cleaning isn’t always as easy and straightforward as it seems. But with the right product and knowledge, you can do it correct every time.

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