We skillfully manage your products , whether you have tens of items or thousands

Pollock Orora Retail uses automated parameters such as Min-Max, Order Point, Up To and EOQ replenishing methods along with safety stock and lead time to forecast usage and ordering schedules. The replenishment orders are system generated and manually verified before transmission. Our Pollock Orora Retail team and supplier network can review order history and usage over a 12 month period with quantity on hand, allocated and ordered to help prepare for design changes, seasonal spikes, etc.

Collaborating with full visibility to historical trends guarantees proper forecasting for manufacturing.

Our requirement of duplicity in inventory on key items has provided safety stock for our customers allowing you to feel confident that both Pollock Orora Retail and our supplier network are exceeding desired expectations.

Improved Fill Rates

Better Supplier Relationships/Performance

Reduced Ordering Costs