[:en]Retail Packaging: More Important Than Ever Before[:]

[:en]Consumers have an incredible amount of choice in front of them like they’ve never had before.

Anyone with a laptop can create a simple product and brand and start snagging market share.

That makes retail packaging more important than it has ever been.

Traditionally, consumers would learn about products through a handful of brand-controlled advertisements. It was far easier for them to become familiar with a product because competition was lower and there were fewer advertising venues.

Today, customer loyalty is falling because consumers have so many choices. Simply Google a keyword, and a host of competitors come up. Google another related keyword, and then even more competition arises.

So, you have to invest more time and dollars in understanding what attracts your customers to you and delivering that to them in your packaging.

Simple idea. But hard to master.

How Much Time Do You Have To Win Consumer’s Attention?

Not much.

Randall Beard, President of Nielsen North America in 2015, quoted the following from an Ehrenberg-Bass Study:

  • The average consumer spends 13 seconds considering a brand in-store
  • That number increases to 19 seconds online.
  • However, the majority of consumers spend less than 10 seconds analyzing an online brand.

Basically, he surmised that consumers have busy and full lives. They stick to the few brands they know.

And they generally spend little time considering the pros and cons of newer players. A minority of consumers will. But most just don’t have the time or energy.

You Have to Master Your Customer’s Story

We all have our own mental stories we tell ourselves.

“I’m the smart, successful one who always triumphs in the end.”

“I’m a rebel. I don’t care what others think. I think my own way.”

“I care about the earth. I’ll do everything I can to save the planet.”

Those are gross oversimplifications. But you get the point. Your ideal customer has a particular story they tell themselves.

And somehow, you have to figure out that story and market exactly how your product fits that story and adds value to your customer’s life. And you have to do that better than your competition.

COVID-19 may be making money tight. But the one place you cannot afford to cut is your marketing. Most markets have plenty of nearly identical products. But the companies who master product presentation and communication survive and thrive.

And that’s where retail packaging comes in.

So, it makes sense to have a proven partner help you create retail packaging that wins more market share in 2021 and beyond.[:]