[:en]Kwik Trip Innovates Again…This Time with Candles[:]

[:en]Some companies just know how to get it right, don’t they? They have some sort of secret knack for knowing exactly what to do next before everyone else does.

By any measure, Kwik Trip is one of the most revered convenience store chains in the country.

And this year, they’ve done it again in a tricky market…by adding candles to their product line.

In summer, they teamed up with Smith & Co. Candles, also based in Wisconsin, to launch a Glazers (donuts unique to Kwik Trip) scented candle.

And you can bet the Glazers scented candle also stirs customer cravings for those donuts, leading to additional sales!

Overwhelmed with positive feedback about the candle, they also got many ideas from customers for other candle scents too.

“Our social team received significant comments and suggestions for future candle editions. The most requested was easily our car wash tri-foam smell,” said Kendra Nedegaard, Digital Content Supervisor.

And so Kwik Trip, being Kwik Trip, listened to its customers and created a car wash tri-foam scented candle (called “Elite Day”) with Smith & Co.

And to incentivize their purchase, each candle also included a coupon for a discounted car wash at Kwik Trip.

What a great way to create a product that you know will do well, right?

And since Kwik Trip has access to its customers through active social media profiles (564,000 followers on Facebook, for example), they can consistently seek direct feedback to continue to create more products practically guaranteed to do well!

It’s just another reason why Kwik Trip has $4.5 billion in sales and more than 675 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

How Can You Use This Model To Further Your Own Success?

Kwik Trip is literally beholden to Midwestern consumers. Everyone knows about it. It has a great reputation for stellar product quality and exceptional customer service.

People who get jobs there do not want to leave.

And, get this, Kwik Trip does not have stores in many of the largest cities in Wisconsin and Minnesota!

It also has plans to add 250 more stores in the next 5 years.

From all angles, it’s an exceptional company. And the little story you read is just another shining example of the way the company thinks differently to grow in ways its competitors can’t.

So, how can you use this story to increase success at your own c-store chain?

After all, change is the only constant in the marketplace.

For now, at least you have an inspiring story to stimulate your thinking![:]