How Your C-Store Can Get More Energy-Efficient and Save Money

[:en]With coronavirus possibly causing its disruption well into next year, every bit of cash you can save makes a difference.

And it might be just what you need to survive. It could also be the secret weapon that helps you scream past your competition.

Plus, if you’re operating an energy-efficient c-store, you can advertise that to your customers. And that gives you a little edge when they decide which c-store chain to remain loyal to.

Have you heard of EEaaS?

“Energy Efficiency as a Service” is an emerging trend among all retail stores, including c-stores.

And basically, it refers to using the latest technology to optimize your energy efficiency.

If all that doesn’t sound good enough, top EEaaS service providers guarantee they will cover the cost of installation, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring of the equipment they install.

That’s right. There’s no cost to you.

This is not a joke. It’s absolutely real.

What Do EEaaS Companies Do?

So let’s get more specific. If you find and hire an EEaaS company, what will they actually analyze and change at your c-store?

Here’s some examples:

  1. Design and install adjustable interior and exterior LED lighting systems
  2. Install monitors and alarms on your refrigerators and freezers so you can watch and adjust temperatures
  3. Design custom systems for reducing wasted energy caused by foods-to-go equipment and powered serving areas
  4. Upgrade your HVAC system so it’s more energy efficient and better at keeping customers comfortable
  5. Optimize the energy use of walk-in coolers, powered food and beverage stations, and 24/7 operations
  6. Track energy use so you can learn more ways to improve your operations
  7. Learn how to transition to sustainable energy sources such as solar or geothermal power, if possible

And topping it off, good EEaaS companies can even guarantee you the savings and show you exactly how they’ll make it happen.

Have you ever heard of guaranteed cost savings at absolutely no cost to you anywhere in business?

So, EEaaS is kind of a no-brainer.

And then you can take all that money saved and offer more value to your customers, improve employee benefits so you can attract more of the top talent, or simply use it as your cash reserve to make it through difficult times.

It’s hard to find companies who do this. It’s a new service. But it’s 100% legitimate. And definitely worth your time to research.[:]