[:en]What to Do to Engage Millennial Customers in 2016 and Beyond[:]

[:en]You’ve heard all the negative stereotypes about Millennials, haven’t you? We won’t list them all I've got to show you the picture he sent mehere, but you can probably envision several right off the top of your head.

Then again, remember when you were young and all the negative things the previous generation thought about you? Yet, everything turned out all right.

With Millennials, how do you engage them as customers? Because, they’ve grown up not knowing what a world without the internet was like. Soon, many of our younger generations won’t even know a world without smartphones.

So what can you do to make your company more attractive to Millennials? Here’s some tips:

  1. Value Relationships Over Sales

Millennials are a sensitive bunch. They’re sensitive to obvious sales pitches. They do want to buy from you. But, they don’t like being sold.

That’s why content marketing’s so effective with this market segment. The whole premise of content marketing, whether it’s with video, images, audio, or text, is to first offer value so you can build a relationship. As that relationship grows, you make occasional sales pitches, and Millennials will buy.

  1. Look for Work/Life Balance

Millennials do work hard and value material success, but they don’t like to be workaholics. In other words, you won’t see them working 80-hour weeks as frequently as the Baby Boomer generation.

When your company values a work/life balance, Millennials respect you and buy from you more. Any way you can position your products and services for helping Millennials improve their work/life balance makes a positive impression too.

  1. They Love Video

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Millennials aren’t allergic to text. They just don’t like it as much as much as video. Make sure video is a core component of your marketing and interaction with Millennials.

  1. They’re Incredibly Loyal, Once They Make a Choice

According to this research, Millennials will officially outspend Baby Boomers in 2017. That research also adds they do not have established brand loyalty. However, after evaluating their choices and making a selection, Millennials have the greatest lifetime value of any age-related market segment.

Today, they have so much more research and information available. So, they can make more informed choices that fit their preferences better than ever before. Work hard to earn Millennials’ business, and then work harder to keep it.

That’s the research we have for you on Millennials. Put it to good use before your competitors do.[:]