Simplify and Streamline Supply Ordering

Easily filter through thousands of products at your negotiated contract prices. Your company will get the savings it deserves through robust yet simple shopping flows that ensure corporate control on each buying decision.

Automate Supply Ordering

Simplify supply ordering with automated workflows and powerful controls that ensure compliance and streamline efficiencies.

Dynamic Workflows

Gain full control of spending with exceptional routing rules and best-practice approval processes

Boost Visibility

Powerful controls and robust reporting improve transparency and give you clearer insight to effectively eliminate rogue spending

Streamline Processes

Dramatically reduce request-to-order time with easy-to-use processes that save you and your company valuable time and money

Catalog Management

Consolidate your supply base and stop wasting time searching thru endless piles of supplier catalogs


Consumer-Type Experience

Combined with unbeatable personalization and an intuitive interface that’s oh, so easy to use, we make supply ordering virtually effortless.

Face it… your employees shop online as part of their everyday lives. So put their extensive “training” to good use with a supply ordering shopping experience that’s so intuitive and flexible, they’ll actually want to use it.

…and that makes staying on top of your budgetary goals a cinch.

Just like those big eCommerce sites your employees likely use every day. Pollock Advantage is easy to use.

When your people need something – they go to your Pollock Advantage shop. They use the search engine to find the items they need, evaluate individual product characteristics, and then to make final selections. All while remaining compliant with business objectives.

Drive Better Performance. Period

We offer unique-to-you reporting solutions empowering improved decision making.

Easily monitor spending and product activity gaining insight to make better informed decisions across your company.


Assess company-wide trends, identify cost-saving opportunities and take control by leveraging spend data


Track quantities on-hand, open POs, replenishment and more thanks to accurate, straight-forward inventory and usage reports


Improve service levels and operational performance with visibility into fill rates, order status detail and shipping efficiencies as well as other KPIs

Standard & Customized

Unlock the value of your indirect spend and supply chain data accessing out-of-the-box standard reports, or customize your very own specific to your requirements

Customized Invoicing

Formatted and delivered to meet your specifications