[:en]What Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Do to Boost In-Store Sales[:]

[:en]You’ve likely heard the stories about physical retail stores going out of style. But what you may not know is that much of it is self-inflicted.

In other words, it’s not necessary for these physical retail chains to lose so many stores and employees. In fact, their business doesn’t need to be hurting at all.

They’re not successfully adjusting to what the market wants. So, let’s talk about some things the market would like to see change:

Customers Need Outstanding Service to Make Up For the Inconvenience

Why go to the store, struggle to find a parking spot, get out of your car, and walk inside to look around, only to find that the product you want isn’t up to what you need in terms of quality? Your market can easily find exactly what they need at Amazon. Shipping doesn’t cost much extra. And the product might be cheaper there.

And, Amazon delivers amazingly quick in metropolitan areas. So, the inconvenience of waiting a few days is preferable to the inconvenience of actually going to your store.

Your market needs an outstanding service experience to have a reason to go to your store – instead of buying online. Have a greeter meet them at the door and escort them to the exact spot in your store which has the products they’re looking for. Most stores never even have an employee speak to their customers.

Long Lines Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

Customers can get exactly what they want in minutes online. Your store should not have long lines anymore. They should be a thing of the past.

Make it your goal to keep your customer wait to 30 seconds or less. The longer customers wait, the more restless and irritable they become.

Train Your Employees for Upselling Opportunities

Think about Amazon for a second. When you browse any item, they show you a list of products customers also bought when they bought that original item.

That’s perfect upselling. You can mimic that process in your physical store. As customers carry products or put them in their cart, have employees suggest other items they might be interested in. You could do the same with your cashiers.

Your customers got what they wanted. They’re in a good mood. So, that’s a time they’ll likely be open to upselling also.

No need to be pushy. That gives them another reason to stay home and shop online instead. Just offer suggestions and let your customers decide for themselves.

Retailers Who Adapt Will Thrive

It’s difficult to keep up with changes in the market. But, you must do it. Or, your company name will hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.[:]