[:en]5 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales[:]

[:en]5 Tips to Boost Your Holiday SalesHas your holiday sales season been all that you hoped it would be so far this year?

Whether it has or hasn’t, you can still use these tips to make it an even better one than it already has been:

  • Don’t Undervalue Gift Cards

65% of shoppers with gift cards spend 38% more than the value of their gift card. As you know, gift cards extend 4th quarter sales into mid-January or so.

Gift cards simply must be a part of your holiday sales strategy.

  • Use Value-Added Promotions

You may notice other SMBs cutting prices to attract more customers. Generally, you don’t want to match because you don’t attract long-term customers. These customers simply want a deal, and then forget about you.

Nothing wrong with that from their end. But, for you, that’s not a good thing. And, you simply can’t compete on price over the long haul like the big-box retailers can.

So instead, add value to the transaction. Free gift wrapping, a free small gift, or free shipping could be added instead of slashing your prices.

  • Co-Promote with Other Businesses

With e-mail marketing, this one’s simple to pull off. Promoboxx, a company that specializes in co-marketing campaigns, found co-branded campaigns drive 5x more leads.

And the nice thing? You can pull this one off any time of year.

  • Offer a Special Seasonal Discount for Joining Your Newsletter

Your newsletter always has your best customers on it. Only customers who really love your business and products will share their email address with you.

So, offer an exclusive, time-limited seasonal discount to customers willing to share their email with you to incent their joining. This one pays for itself many times over in the coming years.

If you don’t want to slash prices, you could offer a free gift, or even a mystery gift for joining.

  • Sell the Experience or Lifestyle Your Product Helps Your Customers Get

All the most iconic brands in America do one thing for their target market exceptionally well: they sell a certain lifestyle, and not the product itself.

Think of Harley Davidson, Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Lexus, or your own favorite brands.

It takes years to develop the feelings associated with your brand. But, you can start right now by simply spending more time and money understanding what your customers want to get from your product, and promoting those benefits.

With those tips in mind, you’ll not only crush your sales goals this holiday season, but you position yourself for continuing growth in the years and decades ahead.[:]