4 Mobile Innovations to Use to Get a Big Competitive Advantage

With smartphones having more processing power than many laptops, retailers have more room for innovation than ever before.

Check out some of these retail innovations from around the globe, and consider how they might apply to your business. Or just use them as inspiration to create your own ideas:

  1. Help Men Find What They Want

  2. Do you believe the stereotype that men find shopping more of a burden than women? One jeans store, Hointer, accepts that as true.

So they decided to make shopping for jeans easier for their male customers. After all, what man doesn’t appreciate a simpler, more efficient process?

Hointer allows their customers to get their desired jeans size delivered straight to them in a changing room. They simply added scannable QR codes to their jeans.

  1. Nike Mexico Lets Runners Pay with Points

You hear about “gamification” all the time these days. Children that grew up on video games are now young adults.

In Mexico, Nike has a Facebook auction called Subasta de Kilometros. For every kilometer a person runs, they earn points. Then they can use these points in auctions to bid to win Nike gear.

Great way to promote a healthy activity and a brand at the same time.

  1. Get Nearly Instant Customer Feedback

This Danish idea is one of the most innovative we’ve seen anywhere. If you’re not already familiar, people concerned with the environmental impact of food use a term called “food air miles.”

It refers to how many miles food must travel before it ends up on store shelves. The fewer the miles traveled, the lesser the environmental impact.

SuperBrugsen, based in Denmark, lets customers suggest items they would like to buy through their website. In other words, they only have items on their shelves that will sell.

A perfect way for a niche supermarket to ensure high sales volume and happy customers.

  1. One App Lets Shoppers Skip Lines

What’s more annoying than going to a nearby convenience store, only to get stuck in a long line right before your favorite sporting event?

QThru lets shoppers skip all that. In fact, shoppers can browse, scan, and buy products with the app.

Convenience at its finest.

So those are 4 ways you can use mobile to supercharge the in-store experience your customers get.

Do any appeal to you? Have they inspired any amazing ideas for you?