[:en]3 Problems Caused by Mismanaging Your Cleaning Supplies[:]

[:en]3 Problems Caused by Mismanaging Your Cleaning SuppliesHow well do you manage your cleaning supplies? Do you always have exactly what you need in stock, and can you always find it without any major disruption? You should never have to wonder or run around and find what you need.

Here are the problems you can cause yourself and your company if your cleaning supplies aren’t managed well:

  1. Angry Customers

Make no mistake about it – your customers expect your bathrooms in pristine condition. This sounds obvious, but you can probably name at least a couple companies you’ve been to lately with disgusting restrooms.

Who knows, maybe that was just for a few hours in the afternoon one day when cleaning supplies were short. But, customers don’t care.

Your customers view your bathroom as highly reflective of what’s going on with the rest of your company. And those angry customers don’t come back, or they tell their friends and family not to go to your place of business.

  1. Lost Money

Not only do you lose the business of your customers and those in their social network, but who knows how much money you’re throwing away on your cleaning supplies. You may have several of one type of cleaner, but not enough of another.

If you find you’re out, you have to buy that cleaning supply now. That takes you out of position to make a bulk order and negotiate prices down. This particular situation won’t hurt your revenue now. But over time, it all adds up and doesn’t make you look good to your boss.

  1. Loss of Respect from Your Employees

You want a cleaning team that hangs on your every word. There’s no question they’ll rush to help you achieve goals at any minute.

But when they see your mismanaged supplies, and realize they don’t always have what they need to do their job, they’re going to get frustrated with you. They won’t give you and your leadership as much respect. And that leads to open or passive-aggressive rebellion.

They’ll call in sick. They’ll tell other people not to work at your company. They may even tell friends and family who might be customers not to frequent your business.

You may not notice all the negative attrition, but you can bet it happens.

Take the Time to Manage Your Cleaning Supplies Properly

Work gets hard. You have stress from customers and employees, and sometimes pressure coming from your executive leadership. But do everything in your power to make sure your cleaning supplies get managed with great care and efficiency. And if you can’t do it yourself, consider outsourcing the service to someone you trust.[:]